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Thermal insulation from lightweight concrete for DIYers and professionals


levelling bulk for all do-it-yourselfer and professionals

Thermozell eco speed & eco

Thermozell eco, filled in 80 litre bags, is a factory premixed, cement-bound levelling fill with the addition of EPS granulate. Only the addition of water produces a load-bearing lightweight concrete with excellent insulating properties – an all-rounder for every do-it-yourselfer.

The ready mix can be used for old and new buildings, is insensitive to water and frost-resistant. Thermozell eco speed is provided with high-performance additives that significantly shorten the time of readiness for covering and drying to 24 hours.

The optimal levelling bulk

The original since 1992

100% Recycling-EPS

24 hours ready for occupancy (speed versions)

Top quality due to type approval

Starting material for the professional and the construction site

Thermozell pro speed & pro

Thermozell pro in a 200-litre bag is the ideal starting material for the production of standardized polystyrene concrete and consists 100% recycled EPS granulate, which is surface-treated with additives using a special process.

Mixing with cement takes place directly at the construction site, whereby lightweight concrete is used in both old and new buildings and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Thermozell pro speed type is factory-equipped with high-performance additives that enable rapid drying and readiness for covering within 24 hours.